Sunday, September 23, 2007

revenge is sweet! ateneo wins over ust, 69-64

ateneo wins over ust! 69-64! revenge really couldn't be any sweeter..

i still was actually grieving over that heartbreak of losing the championship to the tigers last year. ateneo was clearly the best team in the league. how we lost to a bunch of rookies last year is still a mystery to me. nonetheless, those final two losses just really stuck and dug deep under my skin and into my the bones, and my hatred for ust became unparalleled.. i really couldn't get that image of allan k/pido jarencio laughing and rejoicing after that final failed attempt of jc intal in the wanning seconds of season 69 out of my head.. arrrrrrrrghhh.. tangina talaga..

so seeing jarencio cry like a baby a while ago was, in the words of a friend, a priceless moment.. that's what you get for messin with us, you son of a bitch.. hahaha.. but kudos to ust for playing a great game.. haha.. plastic amp..

other things of note in the game were baclao's great game, jervy cruz's elbow and arao's consistency.. in being a moron..

my hat goes off to baclao for swatting all those tiger attempts and making timely baskets as if he was no rookie, making them with the composure of a veteran.. he's definitely gonna be one of the future stars of the blue eagles, along with escueta and salamat.. the future doesn't seem so bleak, after all..

now on to cruz.. can his elbow get anymore active? if arao was half as active as that elbow, he would be mvp.. of the pba.. seriously.. there was this play where he made this screen and his elbow brought escueta down.. on the ensuing rebound play just a few seconds later, that same elbow clobbered tiu down from the back.. that stupid son of a bitch.. last year pa yung gagong yun, eh.. buti nga tangal na.. hahahahaha..

which brings us, lastly, to arao.. seriously.. seriously.. how is he still on the team?? can the coaching staff not see how stupid this guy is on the court? i mean, c'mon! he makes ej feihl look like la tenorio.. and i thought, traffic movement in slex was slow.. seems like arao is saying "you ain't seen slow yet".. and now, we have.. for the remainder of the games ateneo has, arao needs to be off the court more for us to have a legitimate chance.. otherwise, we can all count on him on fumbling the ball - and the championship- out of our hands and into another heartbreak.. i just hope norman black realizes this sooner and not later, when either la salle or ue's hoisting the trophy and we are, once again, doing a jarencio on the sidelines..

but that's a worry for another day.. on thursday, actually.. right now, the stigma of last season's defeat has been somewhat alleviated.. GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT! BO USTE! BO USTE!.. you know the rest.. *laughs out loud*

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